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Agriculture Industry

Major industries include Textile, Agriculture, Automotive, Cement, Steel, Chemicals, Machinery and Food Processing.

Industries in Pakistan

The economy of Pakistan is relying on various major industries which are being established in Pakistan, amongst which few of them are very much significant which are contributing a lot in the annual GDP of the state. Today’s the economy of Pakistan is 5th largest economy in terms of Purchasing Power Parity. Over the years Pakistan’s Industries flourished from producing only 7% of GDP, are now contributing to 64% of GDP.

Major industries include Cotton Textile industry, Agriculture, Automotive, Cement, Steel, Tobacco, Chemicals, Machinery and Food Processing. The government is attempting to diversify the country's industrial base and increase the emphasis on export industries. Small-scale and Cottage Industries are numerically significant but account for a relatively small proportion of the GDP at about 6 percent.

YANSAW International is one the largest trading company in Pakistan which is supplying various industrial machinery, parts and accessories including electrical, electronic, instruments and mechanical items in almost all Industries in Pakistan.

Domestic Industries