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Cement Factory in Pakistan

Cement is an essential part of infrastructure development and has a huge economic impact due to complex supply chain processes. The cement sector of Pakistan is a booming industry with impressive year on year growth trends. Pakistan also exports cement to multiple countries, including Afghanistan, Oman, Qatar, and others. The Cement Sector is composed of 19 companies, of which 16 companies and 24 plants are operational. The sector is divided into two regions: North and South, with North covering areas of Punjab, KPK and AJK and South including areas of Sindh and Balochistan.

YANSAW International is one the largest trading company in Pakistan which is supplying various industrial machinery, parts and accessories including electrical, electronic, instruments and mechanical items in almost all Cement Industries in Pakistan.

List of Cement Factory in Sindh

List of Cement Factory in Baluchistan

List of Cement Factory in Pakistan